Keynote Invited Speakers

    Prof. Dr. J. Ana DONALDSON
    AECT Former President, United States

    Speech Title: Celebrating the Cyber-Goddess: Women's Voices in Higher Education

  • Eugene Kowch
    Prof. Dr. Eugene Kowch
    University of Calgary, Canada

    Speech Title: A New Paradigm for Integrating Teaching, Leading, Educational Technology and Learning in Participatory Learning Environments

  • Sharon  SMALDINO
    Prof. Dr. Sharon SMALDINO
    Northern Illinois University, United States

    Speech Title:

  • John  Hitchcock
    Prof. Dr. John Hitchcock
    University of Indiana, United States

    Speech Title: sing Mixed Methods to Address the Tension Between the Evidence-Based Intervention Movement and Need for Contextually Relevant Programming

  • Jeffrey Alvin Anderson
    Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Alvin Anderson
    Inidana University Bloomington, United States

    Speech Title: Improving curricular access for students with disabilities: Promising technology trends